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Silkscreen Printing on Clothing

Silkscreen printing is a fabric printing technique, which involves pushing ink through a silkscreen onto a material to create a printed pattern or image. Many different types of material can be used in this process; however, the most popular include cotton and polyester. Prints using the silkscreen method typically last longer and are more vibrant than prints using other printing techniques.

At CORCAN, we utilize a 7 colour process, which means prints can include a maximum of 7 different colours. The maximum size of the print is dependant on the size of the screen used. Our maximum print size is 20’’x26’’. In addition, we recommend only using silkscreen printing when producing a quantity of garments which will utilize the same image. As such, our minimum order is 15 units per design.

At CORCAN, we offer complete silkscreen design services, however, customers are also able to provide their own designs. If you plan to use your own design, we recommend using vector images over rasterized, as this produces the best results.

Our silkscreen experts are ready to answer any questions you may have to help bring your designs to life.

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