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General Construction Services

At CORCAN construction worksites, skilled tradespeople train offenders in framing, carpentry, drywall, plumbing, electrical, and other related disciplines. These skills are then used to complete projects that are executed to the client’s exact specifications. Through the use of expert construction managers, CORCAN is able to offer a wide range of services that meet or exceed private sector capabilities and quality. These include:

  • Construction and Renovations – Our construction and renovations services  include, but are not limited to, masonry, carpentry, finishing, siding, roofing, thermal and moisture protection and electrical services.
  • Installations – We have extensive experience in providing a wide variety of custom installation services including, but are not limited to, the installation of doors, windows and ramps.
  • Demolition – Whether we are demolishing as a first step before construction or renovation or we are simply providing demolition services, CORCAN has the skills and experience to quickly and safely demolish and clear nearly any job site.
  • Design and Engineering – With a dedicated engineering and desig team, CORCAN can work with you to design the project you have in mind – whether you have a partial drawing, a design that needs some changes CORCAN Design and Engineering has the expertise to realise your design and to make it a reality.

*Please be aware that, due to certain provincial laws and regulations, CORCAN Construction must limit its area of work to federal land when operating in some provinces.

Take a look at some of our past general contracting projects.


To inquire about our general contracting or to discuss an upcoming project, please send us an email at SALESCONSTRUCTION.GEN-CORCAN@CSC-SCC.GC.CA or give us a call at 1-800-267-0354.

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