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CORCAN in your Community

As a key rehabilitation program, CORCAN provides a sense of purpose to offenders while contributing to a safe environment in institutions and the community.

CORCAN provides on-the-job training, apprenticeship hours, vocational certifications and soft skills training to CSC offenders during their incarceration and while under community supervision, as well as services to support their search for community employment.

CORCAN also provides on-the-job skills training and transitional employment through CORCAN Community Industries. This provides an opportunity for offenders to continue vocational and on-the-job training while participating in transitional employment upon release until they can secure regular employment in the community.

Through community partners, such as community colleges and other recognized training providers, CORCAN is able to provide third-party certifications in several trades, including carpentry, welding, electrical, food services and esthetics.

If you are interested in discussing how we can help you meet your labour force needs, please contact the National Manager of Employment and Employability.

For more information on CORCAN business lines, please contact the responsible Director.


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