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Sheets and Pillow Cases

Product Info

The base model for these custom sheets and pillow cases are made with cotton or nylon. Nylon is typically made to look like silk. Also 50/50 polyester/muslin fiber blend that creates a thinner, more durable sheet. Polyester blend models provide an ultra-thin, single-layer, moisture wicking fabric for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Base Design:

Sheets- 90×55 – in a 50/50 muslin / polyester blend

Pillowcase- 32.5×20.5 – in a 50/50 muslin / polyester blend

Sizes: Available in any custom size

Colours Available: Available in a wide variety of custom colours

Material: A blend of 50% Muslin and 50% polyester OR 100% cotton

Product Care: Machine or hand wash warm; tumble dry low, no bleach

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