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Shipping Containers

Building with shipping containers is an exciting and relatively new practice. CORCAN utilizes both new and used containers in a number of sizes depending on client needs and building specifications. Like our modular homes and buildings, the finished product is then transported to and installed at the intended-use location. 

CORCAN utilizes a number of products and methods to ensure not only a quality product but a structure that meets or exceeds the customer’s specifications. CORCAN shipping containers have been built to be used in a number of residential and commercial applications such as storage units, construction site offices, workshops and garages. Our units are stackable and are built with plug and play convenience in mind. Take a look at some of our shipping container projects. 


To inquire about our shipping containers or to discuss an upcoming project, please send us an email at SALESCONSTRUCTION.GEN-CORCAN@CSC-SCC.GC.CA or give us a call at 1-800-267-0354.

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